Retreats are intended to be informative and therapeutic. As a trained art therapist and art educator, each retreat is designed around a theme and dedicated to your artistic learning and your personal emotional journey.






Essence Tree


August 4 – 6, 2017
The Loon’s Call Art Retreat Center, Kempster, Wisconsin 

September 15-17
Windward Retreat Center. Kaaawa, HI

In dream symbolism, trees represent individual growth and development through life. Roots are the foundation, the trunk the source of strength and power. Limbs are our talents and abilities. And leaves are the many manifestations of our gifts, the results of flowering or producing in the world. In both dreams and in life, the enduring beauty and stillness of trees invite us to absorb their essence so that we can gain understanding of who we truly are. 

Come explore the context, rootedness, core and cycles of your life through the making of a large-scale personal essence tree! A wide variety of different mediums including oil and chalk pastels, fabrics, paints, crayons, colored pencils, and color markers will be provided. This workshop experience will also include: guided meditations; visual journaling; time to relax and be in nature; and more.