International Teaching Experience

Canadian Academy, Japan, Hong Kong International School , Hong Kong, International School Yangon, Myanmar, Taipei American School, Taiwan, American International School of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the Netherlands   

  • Taught PK-12 visual arts, 6-12 theatre arts, Media Specialist, Grade 4 classroom, Home Economics 

  • Development and Implementation of visual arts curriculum at all levels 

  • Classroom management, reporting, ordering supplies 

  • Taught research skills and information literacy to all students pK-12 

  • Managed the library resources budget and an elementary reading program. 

  • Taught all core subjects to international students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds 

  • Strived to differentiate instruction and assessment to meet the individual needs of each student. 

  • Engaged the interests of the whole child by utilizing the creative arts in the classroom 

  • Lead nine-member department of pK-12 Art educators as Department Chair (2001-2004) 

  • Administered the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts program  

  • Promoted integration of art within the core curriculum at the elementary and middle school levels 

  • Elevated of the presence of art within the school culture.   

  • Communicated with the community and promoted student exhibition of work by writing monthly “Art Attack” alerts 

  • Wrote grants to frame, install and rotate student art around the school 

  • Initiated student shows along with “art talks” and Initiation of off-campus student art exhibitions, thereby promoting the involvement of the wider community  

  • Active in extracurricular theater arts program by serving as a director, set designer and costume design and construction while Increasing student leadership in visual arts and performing arts productions 

  • Coached Impromptu Speaking, Oral Interpretation, and Art for IASAS schools competition. 

  • Procured new art spaces and enhanced existing ones 

  • Supervised interns, initiated substantial upgrades to departmental facilities, managed the annual budget, and led the transition to an articulated and assessed K-12 standards-based curriculum.   

  • Expansion of an IB program to include all interested student regardless of their artistic background 

  • Transformation of a common student perception that art is mostly about drawing and painting pretty pictures into increased understanding about the artist’s journey as a personal story 

  • Increased opportunities for students to meet with teachers, peers and community members for in-depth conversations and critiques in after school sessions, thus furthering the student reflective process 

  • Promoted student engagement in the creative problem solving process and critical reflection to discover deeper meaning in their art work 

  • Increased understanding of how different materials function to promote the construction of personal learning and the development of individual styles and techniques 

  • 43% of students taking the IB exams earned top scores of 6 or 7 on the Investigation Workbook protion of the exam, surpassing the worldwide average 

  • 100% pass rate for students who took the International Baccalaureate exam 

  • 100% pass rate for those who submitted an Advanced Placement portfolios 

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I have been a factory worker, janitor, maid, camp counselor, nanny, waitress, sous chef, head chef, secretary, seamstress, entrepreneur, costume designer, director, choreographer, clothing designer, jewelry designer, interior decorator, artist, teacher, mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, aunt, friend and soul mate.  I drove a 1967 beetle across the country in 1976, have lived or visited every state in the United States and have made my home on three continents. I live life believing that it is important to follow what pulls you toward it, as long as you are facing the light and remember that when you LEAP the net WILL appear.
Currently living in Asia having raised three children to young adulthood and working as an international creative arts educator and artist I believe that we are all responsible for creating our own destiny and am going to make sure that mine is interesting

The creative process is a spiritual channel to the miraculous.
— Lenard Cohen